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Okay so your hemoglobin is okay (mines not)... I don't have the thyroid thing (but you do) nor has my doctor checked vitamin D or anything so not sure about that. But we DO have low Ferritin levels in common and we both have achiness and fatigue. Though my fatigue has gone down so much since I started taking the iron and vitamins 12 days ago that I feel amazing! I don't even need a second cup of coffee anymore!

Sorry, back to the question at hand. So my point is that maybe there IS something about the low ferritin that can cause our aches and pains and fatigue. I just had a bunch more tests done by a rheumatologist yesterday to see if I have other diseases that could be causing the arthritis symptoms.

I have more bloodwork being done next Tuesday for a CBC, Ferritin (again, after being on iron for 10 days) SED rate and RETICULOCYTE count. I'm DYING to see what my Ferritin count is... she had me go from no iron up to 975mg (farous sulphate) in the last 5 days, now I'm 5 days before the blood test on 975/day so I REALLY hope to see a rise in that level. I've been taking them with vitamin C and not touching anything dairy for 3 hrs after taking them to aid in absorbtion and am so hopeful!

Try to stay positive - I feel guilty for feeling so much better so soon when so many of you on this forum have been feeling crappy for years. Have your doctors been checking for 'blood loss' as the possible cause? I just can't help but to wonder how many others might have uterine fibroid cysts that are living off of our blood supplies but don't know it. Apparently 50%+ of women between the ages of 30 and 50 have fibroid cysts, some just have no symptoms. My cyst/tumor is HUGE (9.6 cm which i guess is the size of a cantaloupe) and my gynecologist didn't feel it during a routine pelvic exam. He didn't even feel it or see it when doing a pap smear - it wasn't visible until he did the ultrasound. But as I read about these cysts, they are like blood suckers (eek!:dizzy:) I can't wait to get this thing out I feel now like it's been taking my blood away from me for years. I just want to make sure that this avenue has been explored (the gynecological one) and even though I think you said you don't have heavy periods, it doesn't mean there might not be some of these hiding and quietly thriving and growing at your expense!:dizzy:

Please let us know if you find anything out, I'll keep you posted too if I find anything more out about your question ;)

Take care,



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