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[QUOTE=mjinteriors;4751737]Hi Jenny; Thyroid all aside (because I know nothing about that and mine was normal). What is your hemoglobin level? Because my Ferritin level is a 3 right now (I know, crazy low like my hemoglobin (6.9) and others are crazy low and some crazy high as well). As I research, I'm finding that Ferritin is like your storage pantry for red blood cells (am I right anyone?). Your body needs iron in order to make red blood cells... so by increasing the iron, now the body has the main ingredient it needs to 'make' the red blood cells/hemoglobin...but it takes 120 days for new red blood cells to form/hatch and be released into your system. So after just two months, it makes sense to me that you're not feeling great yet, because even if your iron levels are going up, your body hasn't finished producing and releasing all the new red blood cells that are going to bring that hemoglobin level up yet because it hasn't been 120 days yet? Maybe I'm just going by 'ME' though, and I don't know what your hemoglobin level is. I would think that when the hemoglobin (red blood cells) goes up, then you would start to feel better? Like you need to count out around 120 days from when you had that test?

I too have the pain, achiness and fatigue, but I wasn't thinking that the pain and aches had anything to do with the Ferritin, I was thinking it was my rheumatoid factor that showed up and was high :dizzy:

No matter with all these other numbers though - are you drinking enough water? Sometimes we forget how important it is to stay really hydrated - I think we need lots of water in order to have energy and for our bodies to run like 'well oiled' machines :D


My hemoglobin tested normal, just my ferritin is low. I was wondering if just a low ferritin could cause these symptoms. You are right. The ferritin is the storage of iron, or your iron reserve. I do make sure that I keep well hydrated. I also have hypothyroidism and I have been learning this may have led to my low Ferritin level. My vitamin D level was 36, the lower end of what is considered normal, so I also started taking a Vitamin D supplement. I just wish these symptoms would go away.

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