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I called my rheumatologist's office today to see what my iron study and MMA blood result was. I have iron deficiency anemia (for a LONG time), plus I'm b12 and vitamin D deficient. I've never had an MMA test done (methymalonomia acid), so I have no idea how to read the results of the test.

My test results:

MMA - 1.3
Iron - 17
Ferritin - 5
Hemoglobin - 9.4
Folate - was told it was normal

My b12 is usually 320 at best, though I do and have been taking b12 injections every month for the last 2.5+ years. My levels have stayed in this range. The lowest it got before shots was 192. I've had b12 deficiency for at least 5 years now and have been on 2500mgs subliguals of b12 for about 7 years now. (This is just an FYI, in case it matters.)

About 2 months ago, when I had blood work, my hemoglobin was 9.3 and my ferritin was 2. My internist hadn't pulled my iron study, so not sure what my iron level was.

My vitamin has ranged from 21-28 despite living in south Florida and taking 4 Citracal calcium plus Vitamin D pills every day for almost 7 years.

Also, my iron levels as listed are while I'm on prescription iron pills. My level just over 2 years ago, after having a series of 8 weekly IV iron infusions of Venefor was a hemoglobin of 10 and a ferritin level of 11. Before the 8 weeks of iv iron infusions, my ferritin had been 15.

I'm trying to figure out if I should head back to the hematologist or if my levels are indicating that maybe the new vitamin tabs are helping. Also, is my MMA normal? I won't see the rhematologist for a couple more weeks and his nurse today said that the level was 1.3, but she didn't know what that level indicated.

I'm currently taking Integra Plus iron supplements, plus the iron that I get from taking 2 multivitamins every day. The Integra Plus supplements say they have 125mgs of elemental iron. The rheumatologist said that I should switch to 325mgs of ferrous gluconate, but I'm pretty sure that amount did not work for me in the past. He called the script for the 325mgs in to the pharmacy and told me to stop the other supplement, but I'm not sure which is better. I am pretty sure that elemental iron is supposed to be more effective at raising levels than the ferrous gluconate. Am I wrong?

Thanks if you can help me so much!

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