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Hi there, I'm not an expert and am newer to this stuff than you are so bear with me, I'll try to add something but I can't answer anything.

First off, can I ask why your rheumatologist is telling you to switch all your supplements and not referring you back to your hematologist? I agree based on my own prescripts and suggestions from 'my' doctors about the 325 mg of Farous Sulphate (iron). My doctors still have me taking a prenatal vitamin once a day on top of the 325 mg farous sulphate 3Xday right now. They said I could drop the prenatal vitamin since I'm taking all the iron now but since the prenatal vitamin made me feel so much better right off the bat - maybe there's something else in there that's helping me, so I might as well finish off the bottle and continue that at least for now.

Can I ask what you see the rheumatologist about? I'm asking because I had to see one for the first time yesterday and I'm wondering what the links could possibly be between the anemia and the arthritis - still figuring all this out myself. My rheumatologist ordered more specific blood tests of his own and ex-rays of me yesterday. He concurred with my hematologist on the amounts of my iron supplements, as did my PCP, so I know they're all in sync. If your rheumatologist isn't checking with your hematologist or PCP about your iron levels and amounts prescribed of iron etc., I would do that myself if I were you.;)


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