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- Dec: Severe jaw pain
- Jan: Diagnosed as TMJD. Eat only no-chew foods.
- Feb: Physical therapy for TMJD (ends Apr, no improvement)
- Mar: Severe Knee Pain
- Apr: Severe Hip Pain. Rheumatologist prescribes Meloxicam 15mg.
- May: Fatigue, headache, always thirsty.

Recent Labs:


  Hgb 13.2 g/dl LOW? 12.0-16.0  
  Hct 40.0 % NORM 35.0-47.0   
  Rdw For SRS. 15.4 % HIGH 11.0-14.5  
  RBC 5.90 M/mcL HIGH 4.00-5.20  
  MCV 68 fL LOW 80-100  
  MCH 22 pg LOW 26-34  
  MCHC. 33.0 g/dl LOW? 32.0-36.0  
Ferritin 17 ng/ml LOW? 10-300

- mono and pregnancy screenings both came back negative
- thyroid, liver, and kidney levels normal

- 25yo female, no history of pregancy or severe injury
- Otherwise healthy for 2 years, no medical incidents until Dec
- chronic knee pain since 15yo with no major episodes until recently
- Had PT for knees and ankles in high school (16-17yo)
- Scalp Psoriasis in middle school (12-14yo)
- competitive sports in college, iced knees for swelling regularly (18-22yo)
- Father is a possible Thallesemia trait carrier... or I think my dad may be

If anybody has any idea what may be up, I'm all ears because headache, fatigue, and epic joint pains are killing me. If any of you have ever had TMJD, you know how much that sucks already, and all this other stuff is just putting me overboard. Doctor suggested psych help due to lack of medical causes and possible connection to PTSD in the past (15yo).

Looking at the results, I took a wild stab at self-diagnosis and thought that TMJ-induced nutrient deficiency caused an iron deficiency, on top of being a possible Thallesemia carrier, that triggered severe episodes of psoriatic arthritis in my hip and knees?! I did have scalp psoriasis in middle school and it fits the symptom timeline after all...

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