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Sorry to hear about you not feeling to good. But you are not alone, many women face this battle in life. It definitely sounds like you are on stage 1 of ID without anemia. I too was recently diagnosed and have been taking iron tablets now for 3 months, you will definitely feel an improvement once you begin your therapy. You will also have to learn to eat all the essential foods rich in iron (molasses, cereals, beetroot, beef, greens) which will assist to increase your ferritin levels (backup stored iron). I take 100mg of iron a day with vit c which helps iron to be absorbed into the blood.

Fatigue, dizziness, cold hands, brittle hair and nails, loss of hair are all symptoms of ID.

Hope this helps you and you get sorted with your therapy.;)[/QUOTE]

hi, thanks. well, I was in stage 2/3 borderline, just going into 3 from 2, meaning fully depleted iron stores and many of my red blood cells were anemic. but yes, I felt better in a few weeks after starting on iron, hemoglobin and MCV recovered back to normal range, and I got my iron stores fully reloaded within 2.5 months, I went from ferritin of 6 to 96, and then I got retested 6 days later and ferritin was 102 :) even though I halved the iron daily dosage already. I quickly stopped taking most of the iron after that blood test. (I keep taking a little amount of supplements as my sport activity causes a lot of iron loss so it will be good to maintain my iron levels)

I will say I did not give any thought to eating beef or beetroot because I hate that stuff. molasses I don't think are the best idea. we do not have fortified cereals in my country. but, iron supplement of 2x100mg on empty stomach with 2x1000mg of vitamin C was enough iron anyway :)

I did not have many of the symptoms you listed (except for fatigue), but I had a lot of others that I listed in this thread and all went away within a few weeks of taking the iron supplement in a therapeutic (i.e. high enough) dose.

you say you have been taking tablets for 3 months, have you rechecked your hemoglobin and ferritin yet? 3 months may be enough to refill stores if you've been aggressive enough with your iron therapy. I certainly was :)

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