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on the chewing ice thing... I never craved ice but for 2 years I've been almost NONSTOP eating baby carrots. Like they're going out of style. It's almost weird, I buy a big bag of them at Costco and I eat the whole thing before the week is through. I keep them right in the produce drawer or even sometimes in the refrig door for easy handfulls. I grab a handfull before I go out the door... grab a handfull on my way upstairs, or on my way down to my workroom in the basement, I even have a handfull with my coffee for breakfast in the's like it's ALL I crave - I'd rather have them than ice cream or anything else. I get lots of complements on my 'golden' complexion but my face literally shows up in pictures as 'orange' compared to others next to me - my boys say I look like an umpa lumpa in pictures (the orange skin guys in Willy Wonka)... they sing the umpa lumpa song when they see me eating my carrots...(teenagers...:rolleyes:). Doctor said it's the anemia - apparently we crave the CRUNCH!


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