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Hi all
I'm a 38 year old female from the UK, with coeliac disease and hypothyroidism. I was very anemic before being diagnosed with coeliacs, but since going gluten free, my hemaglobin improved to the stage I have always been borderline anemic.

When I was pregnant with my second child, I started getting tachycardia. It improved a bit following baby's birth but a couple of months later, returned. Various things trigger it, mainly exercise, eating a large meal, being sleep deprived and when I try to increase my thyroid meds (which I do need to, as my bloods are out of range). The biggest problem is the apparent intolerance to increasing my thyroid meds that it causes. My doctor hasn't really managed to come up with any satisfactory answers.

Anyway, I've kept taking my iron with vit c, away from my thyroid meds like I'm supposed to. My hemaglobin has risen from 11 point something to just over 12, so it's now in range, but my ferritin has gone down. The time before last, it was measured at 30, but now it's gone down to 26.

Why is my ferritin going down when my hemaglobin's going up? And could my symptoms (I'm especially concerned about the tachycardia, but am also fatigued, depressed, anxious etc) be caused by the low ferritin even though I'm not anemic?

I guess I'd like someone to be able to say to keep taking the iron and I'll be better when my ferritin goes up! I know it's not as easy as that, but I'd be interested to see if anyone has similar experience and can comment.

Many thanks

HI Soozie: I have had out of range hemoglobin and very low ferritin as well. I had a fibroids surgery 2 years ago. After that my hemoglobin has improved, but i'm still fluctuating within range, borderline, and slightly under-range.

I just saw a gyno today and she told me that I"m not anemic based on my numbers (even tho the hemo was slightly under range). Like you, my iron stores/levels are sooo low. They have varied also, within the past 3 yrs, from 7, 5, 1! The gyno told me i may have hypothyroid issues, even tho visually i dont have an enlargement and my GP had felt and looked at it at the past 2 annuals. We will look at lab results soon. How frequently do you have to do labs to monitor it? I was asked to only take 1 50-mg of iron per day though.

Keep us updated. I'd like to know how things are.
I am having a fast heart beat with ferritin at 14. Just wondering if you ever found out what was wrong?
[QUOTE=MrsLabrat;4898780]I am having a fast heart beat with ferritin at 14. Just wondering if you ever found out what was wrong?[/QUOTE]

How many mercury amalgam fillings do you have? I have seven.
My ferritin is 11 and my resting heart rate is over 90.

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