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Hi nomadforlife:

I've been reading so much on this forum in the last two weeks, just starting to jump in and ask and answer recently. I'm noticing a trend in some of the posts. People have low iron, Dr. puts them on iron... levels go back up so they stop taking it. I don't understand. Then the levels drop again (I think I've read 3 like this today). Did the doctor tell you that you would be cured once you got your levels up or did you stop because you weren't satisfied with what you were taking and with the results? I'm new to this whole anemia thing so don't think I'm an expert by any means. I've only been on iron supplements (Farrous Sulphate 325mg X 3/day) for about 10 days now (just had my bloodwork done again today and am very anxious to see if anything went up). I'm fully expecting to have to stay on iron maybe until I reach Menopause (and I just turned 44) or until the doctor tells me to stop for whatever reason.

What amount and type did your doctor have you on before? I think I would check with my doctor since he's got all your levels (before and now levels). For instance... just because I'm on 1000+mg a day doesn't mean that amount couldn't possibly harm you? My Ferritin level is at 3 right now and my Hemoglobin is a 6.9... so my hemotologist gave me this amount probably because I'm so low. Maybe she'll adjust that someday if and when it goes up... Maybe the doctor would recommend a different amount for you based on your levels? And I know that you 'can' overdose on iron and it can kill you:eek: so I wouldn't want to mess around with it without checking with my doctor if I were you :) Just better to be safe than sorry... that's all;)

So that's just my opinion! Take care, I hope whatever you do that your Ferritin level goes up for you! :wave:



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