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Hi Laura; Hijacking a thread is the best way to make a good thread even better and to continue sharing all those ideas with others. When we pm info, nobody else can benefit from it, and nobody else can step in to help answer if somebody isn't available (like next week I might not be available because I might be in the hospital after having my surgery). So I'll try to help.

Do you have Anemia too? When you got diagnosed, did they say you need to have a hystorectomy or what did they say? Was it small enough that they could take it out in the office? Who diagnosed you?

As for insurance. Do you have your own business? If so, how long have you been in business? I was not able to switch to my husband's company insurance right now because I 'just' missed their open enrollment and they only have it twice a year, and I can't wait till November for my surgery. We currently have our (family) health insurance (affordable but huge deductible for surgeries which basically makes the surgery not covered) through my own business, it's a group insurance (even though I'm the only employee of my business) and all we could (and still can) afford. We did not qualify for free care through the state a couple years ago but my doctor did tell me to try to get Mass Health again, apparently they can give you a discounted coverage, sort of subsidized. I didn't bother because I did this for my older son for a year (when he was 18 1/2) and I found it was like a full time job just to keep on top of this to keep the coverage and understand everything and then they would make me drive to Tewksbury and I would have to wait for half a day to speak to someone and then he STILL ended up losing the coverage because of something not being verified and I had even gone in person to try to verify everything and basically I got REALLY mad at this whole mass health thing thinking I AM WORKING AND PAYING (through my taxes) for people (many who don't work or WONT WORK) to have this coverage and I CANT GET THIS COVERAGE FOR MY OWN SON WHEN HE REALLY NEEDS IT! It's so completely unfair. Anyway I am so super busy with my business that I do not have the time to spend days and hours just trying to make sure that every day we are STILL covered! We probably wouldn't qualify again anyway. So I bought another group policy for "me". We can't afford this, I have to borrow the premium $$ so I will have to go into debt over this :( I just bought a cheaper car this weekend, am picking it up tonight, selling one of our cars that it replaces this week (hopefully we can sell it, I can't afford both payments). Then next month we have to do the same thing with my car (the family van and my work vehicle) - we just can't afford our current car payments and health insurance premiums of this magnitude.

The good news though is that I have never felt this good since I was in my 20's. I feel just amazing since I've been on the iron. My levels all went up, not sure what they are right now but when they tested me a couple weeks ago they were all going up where they were supposed to and down where they were supposed to so my hematologist said once I have the surgery I should still stay on the iron until my levels get where they are supposed to be but that I could keep them monitored through my regular doctor or my gynecologist from now on! Wow, how encouraging. My aches and pains have even gone away, every weird symptom I've had for the last few years that I just chalked up to getting older has disappeared (well, 75% of them). So too bad I still have to have this surgery, my body and my mind are ready to 'really' get back in shape right now! Instead I'm going to be in bed recovering from surgery, yuck!:dizzy:

Hope this helps. I'm trying to postpone my surgery right now for a few more weeks until my kids are all out of school and I'm able to finish a couple more jobs so that I can pay cash for my surgery deductible (oh joy!)... oh yeah and so that I can help sell the car(s) too.

Go ahead and PM me if you have more questions that are private.:wave:

Dear Fitness Seeker

I have been living with fibroids for three or four years and while the truth is everyone is different, the reality is we all need to learn and try some of the same things. The sheer volume of info on the net is daunting.

I used to have ten day periods, mostly heavy, often painful. And of course as a result came close to actual anemia (you need to have had a number of transfusions before being officially anemic and I averted them)

The first time it got bad was when I bled so long I was tired, couldn't even do my own dishes. Of course you are depressed sweetheart.. it can seem so hopeless. But often its not.

While doctors will not relate fibroids with estrogen, the truth is women who have experienced the life.. do. Doctors are trained to open the hood and dig around, don't expect more. Get all the right tests and know your position through your doctors. Then get busy and learn what they don't or can't tell you.

I researched, I saw naturopaths, I saw endocrinologists (that I had to pay for out of pocket because my doc refused to believe my situation could be at all hormonal ... yet it subsides at menopause when your estrogen drops like a lead balloon)

Ultimately, I did put it all back together for ME, my solution was to reduce estrogen however I could - and then increase progesterone to balance me out.

That means giving you liver all opportunity to flush out excess bad estrogen, that's how your body gets rid of it. It means eating properly, sounds easy but its not. Look up estrogen dominance in Google, the stuff is in everything. All the pesticides on your veggies and fruit mimic estrogen. The hormones in meat are estrogen related. The bundle of hormones you have been piling in since your teens is hard to reverse, but you can do it.

After a year of moving to a diet of about 90 percent organic.. and taking proper iron.. the improvement is dramatic in me. You can get so much organic food, yah it's 20 percent more expensive but hey, you save that on tampons and misery. You need to get in shape, that helps the body to move out bad estrogen. And depending on your progesterone levels, you might find a topical cream helpful. Don't be asking a doc for a shot, first of all, sent in that way it just doesn't work so well (so they fire in tons and hope a bit will stick). And the stuff they use is not the kind your body wants. Topical natural stuff gets into the blood in ten minutes and via small doses.

Again, do some research, check out Suzanne Sommers site on that topic, her research is massive and she shares good research info. There is a huge diff between the crap used by the medical community and topical stuff.

Lastly, if you have cysts too, its a double edge sword as estrogen helps those shrink and be stable. So the trick there is to balance your excess intake with things like perhaps a cream or even added liver helpers so it can do a really good flushing job.

Look up serrepeptase too, it plays a major role in many fibroid successes. As well, helps allergies (again look up estrogen dominance to see how those and fibroids or prolonged bleeding actually do relate ) the stuff is known to eat away at cysts and assist in fibroid management.

Doctors, especially men, do push for surgery, but your uterus is a vital organ, hang onto it if you can. Try all else first and don't feel pressured. Doctors are fabulous and we need them, but in science you can only discuss that which is proven scientifically. 40 years ago doctors had to assume that smoking may not be the cause of lung cancer because there was no evidence. But .. we knew. Not until the evidence was in were they allowed to be so vocal. So this is not a slam on Doctors but an understanding of their hands being tied.

My periods are now 4 days! One is heavy and the rest light. That is better then ever in my life... and six docs pushed me to have it yarded out. Always ask... Do I have cancer? And if not then ask what happens if I avert surgery? I strongly felt that I owed my my body the chance to work it out, and you need to find and try all the weapons nature gives us first if you can if you feel the same way.

Big hug my dear, I know how lonely you feel. Be diligent and take control, don't let this get you down. Own this thing. Take your iron! (I still take three a day during my period and one a day the rest of the month) Right now I am back to how I felt when I was 25. Life has become normal.

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