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"I was diagnosed with very severe anemia about 3-4 years ago inadvertently via a blood test. Within a year I was also diagnosed with fibroids. (i didn't have insurance for a long time so it wasn't previously plus it was not "feelable" for the MDs during the annual)."
[COLOR="Indigo"]Oh my goodness 3 things we have in common already! My anemia, also severe (what are your levels? I'll post mine below) was found inadvertently too - I thought I had Lymes Disease, had arthritis all winter long. Within a week though they found my one, big, fibroid. My insurance isn't that great but it's all we have been able to afford for the last couple of years, so I've pretty much avoided going to the doctor - I'm never really sick anyway (or at least I didn't think I was sick!)[/COLOR]

Anyhow...i had 3 prominent submucosal fibroids, which i had a myomectomy to get removed, successfully i was told. i also had cluster fibroids in other areas but was told they weren't a problem. Always had very "heavy" menstrual periods since i was a teen. never realized it was considered "heavy". It got so bad that when i had the submucosal fibroids I bled for 10 days every month (vs 7 being my norm). The Fibroids specialist told me those fibroids were the culprits for my *heavy* bleeding and the severe pain (adeyomyosis SP?) was for the mother of pains i get. After the surgery didn't work miracles for me, but it put me back to 7 days.
[COLOR="Indigo"]More in periods have been heavy for years. My average periods last 10 days, some lately have been 15 days...[/COLOR]

anyhow, it's been 2 yrs and my reg. MD is perplexed why (so am I!) why my numbers are still ridiculously low (iron, hemo,). After my surgery she told me i dind' tneed to monitor them so at the last physical i have been comparing the #s from the past 3 yrs and it appears my numbers seem the same b4 my fibroids surgery, which is surprising. I want to also know if something else could be causing me problems.
[COLOR="Indigo"]What are you taking, how many mg of iron did your doctor put you on? I hope they didn't expect your levels to go up without the help of iron... also, I hope you have a good Gynecologist that you're working on with this gynecological problem and not a general practitioner. My Gynecologist explained to me right away that this is a gynecological problem and general practitioners are trained to work with children, men, women, anybody and all kinds of general ailments like coughs, colds, cuts, ear-aches but they are not specialists and they are not gynecologists, so it's a good thing my GP referred me to more than one specialist in my case... If you're not working closely with one, I suggest you get one. Also, I think you should be working with a hematologist for your anemia problems. These specialists in my little world are all working together as a team right now to help me. [/COLOR]

How I feel: i feel depressed all the time b/c i'm so fatigued and weak for the past years. I wasn't an athlete nor did i enjoy exericse. But i did and used to be able to do regular walks in the park, climb stairs for exercise. But the past years one flight of stairs was enough to get me super winded. I got a bike but even biking on flat terrain wears me out. I get so winded and try to catch my breath, i feel like i could past out, which further gets me stressed out. It's definitely not normal, as anemia is a common thing but I dont see it affect people the way it does to me?
[COLOR="Indigo"]Gosh you sound like me, I don't get depressed 'too' much, its not in my nature, but I wasn't an athlete either nor do I exercise other than doing crunches on the floor and leg lifts to tighten my tummy and I do regular walks in my neighborhood, sometimes multiple times a day. In recent years I'm just like you, I'm so winded just from climbing up to my bedroom, then add a load of laundry to that climb and I'm ready to pass out I've felt soooo bad about myself thinking "how did I let myself get so out of shape?" when all along it was my blood, it wasn't me being lazy![/COLOR]

has anyone had iron deficient anemia caused by severe monthly bleedings and had the fibroids removed ? Care to share your story
[COLOR="Indigo"]So I'm about to have a hysterectomy in about 3 weeks... as soon as my gynecologist could get me in...this surprised the doctor I have to tell you, he thought I had fibroids and he thought he'd be able to take care of them in the office... said something like your doctor, like 'it'll be a breeze' or to that effect anyway... BUT....he couldn't feel them/it. The sono-hystogram revealed one 10cm fibroid, the size of a large, full term baby's head. So when I asked him if he'd still be able to take it out in the office he said "oh, nooooo, you're going to need a hysterectomy, this is much much larger than I anticipated" Amazing that it couldn't be reached, seen or felt with a regular pelvic exam. [/COLOR]

So the MD sent me to the hospital again for a sonogram to see if the fibroids grew back. The submucosal fibroids that were removed from surgery didn't grow back, but the others did. Are there other tests to rule out potentially other causes ?[/QUOTE][COLOR="Indigo"]I don't know the answer to that - but I still want to know if you've been on iron... and if you are still working with your regular doctor or it you're dealing with your gynecologist on this issue... especially now that they are coming back. My sister-in-law had them removed twice and finally they did a hysto for her. I never had one before this - well, if i did, I never went to the doctor in 10 yrs so I wouldn't know now...oh, my hemoglobin is a 6.9, ferritin 3, had 5th round of blood-work done today to see if the iron is working after 10 days... how about you?[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Indigo"]Looking forward to your answers![/COLOR]:wave:


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