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I'm shocked and grateful. Shocked that in a big city like San Fran, you have to wait 3 months to get in to see a gynecologist!:eek: I'm grateful that I don't live in San Fransisco! I mean, I'm only 25 minutes from Boston but I'm not going there, it's not necessary. We have so many wonderful hospitals and doctors around here (even up in the suburbs here on the North Shore) it's really quite amazing.

I think you need to be using your hemoglobin and ferritin levels as clout to get in sooner! My primary care doctor (well, her staff) made all these appointments for me and really would not let me leave until I confirmed them. She's that concerned about me, she knew my levels were that serious. She wanted any of them to squeeze me in immediately, I so appreciate her for that, and I was successfully in to see 3 specialists within 8 days and had already had 2 rounds of bloodwork, thanks to her. By the 10th day, had the sono-hystogram and my surgery was already scheduled, by my gynecologist for June 6th (less than a month from the sono-hysto). And I never have to wait more than 5 to 10 minutes to see my doctors, they never left it up to me to make the phone calls or set anything up, they did it all for me! I'm so blessed now that I hear your story and all that you are having to do and that you're not in to see a gyno until August!:dizzy:

Just make sure they know that your anemia is caused by blood loss from your cysts and tell them what those levels are!

Oh, I still didn't hear you say anything about your iron supplement? What are you on for iron? Did you see how fast mine went up (read previous post of mine) and I still have a fibroid the size of a canteloupe inside of me, so I feel like your levels should be able to go up in 10 days too if you did what I'm doing, right?

I hope I'm not sending you on a wild goose chase about the cysts and making you do all this work for nothing. Maybe you just need the right amount of iron. Sorry I'm crashing, suddenly I'm tired and my brain is turning into mush so I need to go to sleep. Take care,


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