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New to anemia
May 16, 2011
I'm somewhat new to this world of anemia. We've been doing labs for close to a year, but my doctor is just now suggesting moving on from oral supplements to getting checked out by a GI doctor as well as needing to speak to my GYN.

I am a 27 y/o female, mother of one (aged 3yrs 7months). I take synthroid 88mcg for Hashimoto's, 1,000mg bid of metformin for PCOS, 800mg of folic acid, 1 prenatal vitamin a day, and 325mg of iron twice a day.

Here are my latest numbers:

WBC 4.6 (4.0-10.5)
RBC 4.44 (3.80-5.10)
HEMOGLOBIN 9.00 (11.5-15.0)
HEMATOCRIT 30.8 (34.0-44.0)
MCV 69 (80-98)
MCH 20.3 (27.0-34.0)
MCHC 29.2 (32.0-36.0)
RDW 17.1 (11.7-15.0)
PLATELETS 318 (140-415)
FERRITIN 3 (15-150)
TIBC 407 (250-450)
UIBC 390 (150-375)
SATURATION 4% (15-55)

And if it matters, my TSH is high at 6.830 and calcium is low at 8.5.

Should I be talking to him about Iron infusions possibly? I am not 100% on taking my meds, but the most I miss is a dose or two a week. I don't think that would throw my numbers so horribly as this appears to be.

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