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Low blood counts
May 19, 2011
Hi, I was diagnosed by ttg/biopsy about 1 and a half years ago. I have been strictly gluten free ever since. Recently at my physical I had a blood test come back showing:
RBC: 3.99 (normal 4.4 - 6.0)
HB: 120 (normal 140 - 160)
HCT: .34 (normal .40 - .50)
WBC: 3.8 (normal 4.5 - 11.0)
Absolute Neutrophil: 2.0 (normal 1.8 - 7.0)
Absolute Lymphocyte: 0.9 (normal 1.0 - 4.0)
Plat: 170 (normal 150 - 400)
ABS Retic: 7 (normal 28 - 80)
All other results were normal, blood smear showed Normocytic & normochromic appearance.[/COLOR]

My GP wanted to send me to a hematologist, but the hematologist wanted a repeat test in one month because she said I likely just had a bad infection. My results are below. Nothing really changed too much, except my retic is higher, but still way to low if calculated as a corrected retic for the level of anemia. My GP said the hematologist had no real interest to see me before. My GP wont be able to see me about the recent results until June because she is away (I just got a copy faxed to me for own records). Do you think I should push the hematologist to see me if she still doesn't want to after seeing these results? Something doesn't seem right for a fit 25 year old male to have low counts, especially since nutritional deficiencies have been tested and ruled out (the blood smear also was normal). Any suggestions of what it can be or experience is appreciated!! Thanks!

RBC: 4.01 (normal 4.4 - 6.0)
HB: 122 (normal 140 - 160)
HCT: .36 (normal .40 - .50)
WBC: 3.4 (normal 4.5 - 11.0)
Absolute Neutrophil: 1.8 (normal 1.8 - 7.0)
Absolute Lymphocyte: 1.0 (normal 1.0 - 4.0)
Plat: 185 (normal 150 - 400)
ABS Retic: 37 (normal 28 - 80)
All other results were normal, blood smear showed Normocytic & normochromic appearance. [/COLOR]

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