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I can totally feel for your daughter's situation. I'm a distance runner myself, and got diagnosed with iron deficiency and early stage of anemia a few weeks ago.. I've also had the muscle weakness!

I think my iron problem came from the training as running definitely causes iron loss though I never trained as hard as to lose my periods (so this is extra blood loss of course). anyway, the more you run (the longer in terms of time/frequency and/or the harder in terms of pace), the more iron will be lost.

if she isn't getting her periods, and her iron levels still keep dropping and she isn't training then there MUST be some other source of blood loss, your doctor must find that! I sure hope it isn't cancer. let us know if you got the results, I'm really curious what this could be.

also, I hope she isn't trying to train through this anymore, I would stop all training until the iron levels stabilize a bit. it is pointless running much now, she can't gain anymore fitness until the iron deficiency is sorted. yes need to face that fitness will be lost, but it will come back in a few weeks after iron replacement kicks in so don't worry about that part.

maybe the fact that she stopped getting her periods is related, maybe she's a bit overtrained and perhaps eating problems (eating too little)? need to be honest on that. fatigue etc can come from this too, and that coupled with iron problem is even worse, obviously.

anyway, I think the most important is to figure out why she kept losing iron even after stopping training (? did she? I'm not clear on this??).

oh also, another unclear part, you only quote CBC results, is this the part that dropped/got back up? or directly iron-related values such as ferritin levels, too? any info on soluble transferrin receptor levels?

I'm not a doctor or anything, just another runner who got iron problems&anemia. I really hope your daughter will get better.

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