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[QUOTE=helensi;4762200]:)Hi, I'm new to the boards and am hoping to get some advice. This January I was seen by my Dermatologist for hair loss. Turns out my Ferritin was at a 2. I am currently taking 325 FS 2x a day and fortunately my stomach tolerates it on an empty stomach. After 3 1/2 months my Ferritin was rechecked and climbed to 23. Though my hair loss has somewhat slowed down..I have noticed in the last few weeks that it seems to be increasing again. So I have a few questions and would more than appreciate any help answering them.

Does Yellow Dock Work?
When do you take the Yellow Dock? W/ the iron supplement OR at a meal?

I am currently taking my iron w/ orange juice. Is taking iron w/ a vitamin C supplement MORE OR LESS effective than orange juice?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help out w/ this or anyone who has any other tried/true suggestions as to how to raise ferritin quickly.[/QUOTE]

just keep taking the iron for a few more months until your ferritin is above 50 or so. apparently it is not possible to raise ferritin from zero to normal levels in a very quick AND safe way. that's just the nature of iron (toxic in too high doses).

anyway, you could try increasing the daily dosage to 3x1 from 2x1, because by now your iron absorption has probably slowed a lot (adaptation to the extra iron intake). as for the vitamin C, best is if it is a 6:1 or 7:1 ratio in weight to the elemental iron of the iron dose you are taking. e.g. if you are taking 100mg iron, add 6-700mg vitamin C. a bit more vitamin C won't hurt either, but not necessary if you are taking it on empty stomach. (about double the amount of vitamin C would be effective if iron is taken with a meal..)

as for yellow dock, what I find suspicious that sites will not mention exactly how much iron it contains. (if you know of one that explicitly says how much iron, let me know.) so as long as that is unknown, I would not rely solely on yellow dock..

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