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Hello all. This is my first post here.

I recently had a routine physical done and a couple red flags came up with the result.

A) I was Vitamin D deficient
B) I was anemic

After additional tests for the anemia, I got these results in:

[*]Serum Iron 35ug/dL
[*]UIBC >500ug/dL - Doctor told me he had never seen a result this high
[*] Serum Ferritin 6ug/mL
[*] Reticulocyte Count 1.3%

The only real diet problem I have is uncooked fruits and vegetables tend to give me really bad heartburn so I have been taking prescription strength Prilosec for a year or so (40 mg daily). Using the Prilosec I am able to eat just about anything I want.

Given that I had no recent blood loss issues and my diet was fine, the doctor suggested I may have an ulcer / colon polyp. I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy done, everything was normal. The biopsy for celiac disease also came back normal.

Now, they want to have me swallow the camera pill and take a look at my small intestines.

My concern is I don't seem to have any problems with blood in my stool, so the thought that I'm bleeding somewhere in there seems weird to me.

In addition, I have a HDHP so I will be paying a fairly significant amount out of pocket for this procedure.

I suppose what I'm asking is, does anyone have experience (or think) that the anemia could be potentially caused be an interaction with the Prilosec, my Vitamin D deficiency, coffee intake, etc. or would it be advisable to go ahead and eat the cost and have the test done?

Thanks so much!
[QUOTE=hmm82;4763130]are you trying to say that your iron levels were totally fine 3 months ago? in that case, sounds like something changed since then acutely making you anemic. and it could be a bad thing, so in that case I would get that camera pill test done. let me know if I misunderstood this part.

the other thing I could think of is that for the blood donating they only checked serum iron? that would not be a good marker to detect iron problems early enough. same is true of hemoglobin, it won't show early iron deficiency too well (sorry I don't know what they usually check for so this is just a shot in the dark)

what was your hemoglobin value in the routine physical? also MCV/MCH?

I recall reading that coffee can cause problems with iron absorption. but that would be more of a long term issue, not something this acute (assuming that 3months ago it was all good).

regular blood donating itself can cause iron deficiency too but I still think that would be something more gradual.

you're not doing a lot of distance running by any chance?

the other thing I wonder about is this uncooked vegetables thing, you aren't a raw-only food eater?[/QUOTE]

That's correct. It would be my thought that something has changed in the last three months - more specifically, in the last 6 weeks. I noticed I had developed what I self diagnosed as restless leg syndrome - then once I was diagnosed as anemic the onset of RLS seemed to make a lot of sense.

I can say that a year ago when I had my yearly physical done there were no red flags in terms of my iron levels.

That may be a good point on the blood donation on-site testing. I'm not real sure what they test, I just know I've never had any issues before.

I can't recall my hemo levels right now - I want to say 11.5?

Also, no to the long distance running - although I recently started working out again, but mostly just light cardio.

Lastly, no, I'm not on a purely raw food diet (not even close really) - it was more just of a random fact about me talking about why I take 40 mg of prilosec a day. That being said, most doctors have just told me I have GERD - even though it seems a bit odd to me. Most people with GERD get frequent heartburn from spicy stuff, fatty stuff, etc. - not me, just about any uncooked fruits or vegetables. Another problem for another time.

Thanks for the input and response. I am feeling the same way in that I feel like it'd probably be a good idea to get the test done - I guess I just feel like they're throwing tests at a symptom without any real hypothesis about what's going on.


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