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[QUOTE=daphneg;4764753][B][FONT="Arial Black"]I had my blood test today and I am up to a ferritin level of 19. Yay! OK I was a 2 in Jan. and in Feb. a 9. So I am at least moving up. I am taking Ferrous sulfate or what ever it is called. I am supposed to take it 2 times a day but usually can only handle it once a day.
I have been cooking on my cast ironn skillet, eating a tonn of veges. but still feel like crap.
I never feel like I have slept, if I lay down to watch TV i am asleep in 5 minutes. I forget to do stuff all the time, lose stuff even if it is right in front of me, I can not concentrate unless I am reading and even then my mind wanders. I drop stuff all the time and have been still losing hair like mad. Yea the list goes on and on.
I was wondering what else I can do to get iron back up. OK yea take both pills I know but they kill my stomach!
OK to get to this low level I was having major female issues for quite a few years. One times I was shopping at the mall with friends and family and as I was walking I was blacking out for a second until I finally said I amgoing to really pass out if I do not sit down. I have had to get on short term birth control pills a few times to stop the cycle. I went for 3 solid months one time.
I did have a hernia repair in September and then a hysterectomy in December. So I know at least the bleeding is over with. It just seems like my levels should move up faster then they are. It is frustrating to have no energy. My husband does not understand how crummy I feel and gets mad that I have trouble waking up and that I want to go back to bed.
I have to wait to see what my other levels are I know but just had to see what others thought of my levels and how fast or slow they are moving up.
I am 46 had the 2 surgeries I told you about, had gall bladder out in 2006, pancritis 3 years ago hmm 2 times in a 3 month period where I was in hospitale for about a month total, hmm think that is all for the last few years!:angel:


hi i had the same problems as u i was on iron for over two years had to have hysterectomy in the end had fibroids,it took over a year after hysterectomy to start feeling better i lost alot of blood during the opp so had to start building it up again,plus had to deal with menopourse its been two years this july since my opp i still feel tired due to constant night sweats but my hair looks better now than its ever been, these things take time,shirley:wave:

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