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If you're supposed to take 2 then can't you find a way to take two? I never take my farrous sulfate on an empty stomach and I always take each one with a stool softener. Is it the constipation that's bothering you? Because if it is, try taking it with a stool softener and make sure you have something in your stomach. I also swallow the pills with either grape juice or orange juice (the vitamin C helps your body absorb the iron and I don't taste that awful 'pill' taste)... then don't have any dairy for 3 hrs after you take the iron (it inhibits the absorption by up to 60 percent I hear).

I had a Ferritin of 3 one month ago, Hemoglobin of 6.9 and after only 10 days on the iron my Ferritin went up to a 10 and my Hemoglobin went up to 8.4. I just got my test results from this week and this doctor did not do the ferritin so not sure what that is right now but my Hemoglobin is now a 12. Back to normal, unbelieveable in only 30 days. I take 3 farrous sulfates per day each with a stool softener and with the orange or grape juice and no dairy for 3 hrs after - I've been RIGID about this and have NOT waivered or missed a dose even once. My energy returned after only a couple of weeks, I have felt just amazingly energetic. Oh, my regular doctor put me on prenatal vitamins too so I still take one of those a day as well. I have to have a hysterectomy on Monday morning (day after tomorrow)... figures I got my period on Thursday so have spent the last couple of days feeling the energy drain away along with all that new healthy blood I worked so hard for... can't believe how the periods sap the energy from me. Did you keep your ovaries or did those come out with your hysterectomy too? Just wondering if the lack of energy could be estrogen related or something.

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