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(Title should read "What could low WBC count mean for a man?"


I'm writing in for my husband hoping someone can shed some light on this either from knowledge or experience. He is scheduled for surgery this Friday, June 3rd, and his blood came back as follows:

WBC 2.50 (3.70-10.60)

RBC 4.36 (4.50-5.70)

Hemoglobin 12.3 (13.0-16.7)

Hematocrit 37.2 (38.8-49.7)

RDW 14.5 (11.8-14.0)

Platelet count 122 (146-390)

MPV 10.3 (6.4-10.2)

Monocytes 11.3 (0.0-6.6)

Neutrophil Absolute Count 1.20 (1.40-8.00)

Lymphocyte Absolute Count .90 (1.00-5.20)

Doctor won't let him go through surgery until this is resolved. We're waiting for a call back from him to see the next step. In the meantime, can someone tell me what could be the cause of these low numbers?

My husband donates blood twice a year and does the double red blood cells too. He's never had a problem. He did give blood 2/27/11 though. Could this be the reason? Hmmm...

Also, does anyone know what all these things mean? Monocytes, neutrophil, etc.

Also, my husband is very healthy all around. He's 6'2, 180 pounds.

Thanks so much!

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