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I've been hypoglycemic my entire life and have been on an appropriate diet for the past 4 years. I'm also gluten-intolerant and lactose-intolerant. And no, none of these were self-diagnosed, all done by doctors.

For a while now I've joked about being anemic, but lately I'm starting to wonder if I actually am. I tried going vegetarian for a week with lots of beans, nuts, produce and soy for protein and I got extremely sick. I was super lightheaded and it felt like my hypoglycemia was out of control. I started eating meat again and felt better. So this week, I bought lots of chicken, turkey and beef to make for dinners this week. The other day I had made a pepperoni pizza for lunch, beef tacos for dinner and then I ate left over tacos the next day (yesterday). Well last night I decided I was eating too much meat, skipped over the chicken dish I was going to eat, and instead opted for a pb&j with some potato chips for dinner. I woke up this morning feel like my blood sugar was SUPER low so I ate, but I still felt like my blood sugar was super low. It's that feeling of when you get a blood test and it feels like they took a lot of blood out... that sort of thin lightheaded feeling.

How do you distinguish between hypoglycemic symptoms and anemic symptoms? Are they similar or different?

Should I get an anemia panel done next time I go in for a checkup? How accurate are those tests? I know with hypoglycemia, its more difficult to diagnose because if you eat before you go to the doctor your blood sugar will come up normal and they say you don't have it.

Is there a diet I can try to see if I feel better?

Sorry if that is a lot of questions. I don't know anything about anemia.

Thanks everyone!!

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