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sweetsoul, that is very interesting because that's what happened to me before being diagnosed with anemia. I felt like I couldn't ever go anywhere without food because if I didn't eat often, I would get hungry, shakey, dizzy, couldn't focus etc. I was petrified to be without food! I finally went and bought a glucose meter and strips to try and figure it out. I tested myself when I felt this way and my blood sugar was usually around 90 when this happened to me but "normal" blood sugar can go as low as 70 (which you probably already know). So it wasn't hypoglycemia.

During my next physical, I asked the doc to take my A1C just to see and it turned out that I am pre-diabetic but I was also anemic. Since I have been taking the iron and have normalized my counts, I do not have those hungry, shakey, low-blood-sugar symptoms anymore.

Since you have all those intolerances to foods, is it possible that something is slipping by and you are not absorbing the iron or other nutrients that you need? Just a thought.

So yes, you may be on to something. However, since I have also experienced anemia symptoms, I would say they are NOT the same. Throw in a ton of fatigue in for anemia, dry mouth, out of breath, insomnia, heart palpitation, anxiety to name a few.

You should be aware though, that if you have your A1c taken and you have anemia, the results of the A1C could be skewed. Since your red blood cells are usually short-lived with anemia, and A1C tests are based on 3 months worth of cells, it won't be accurate or basically, it really won't be based on 3 months worth of glucose history.

Yes, go get a CBC panel. And keep nuts in your pocket.

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