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Thank you for reading and for any help in advance!!!!

I was recently diagnosed with iron def anemia... I feel like my dr isn't doing enough, but maybe she is. This is what she has done this far: Blood work including tests below, started me on iron 325 x3 per day, blood in stool test (came back neg), and follow up in 6 weeks... appt is in one week. I still feel horrible and I'm very worried that she isn't taking this seriously... but maybe I'm over reacting.

If you think you can shed some light on this for me, please do. :)

I'm am a 120#, 31 year old female, mother of 3 (the youngest is 3 years old.) I am hypo-thyroid but am in range currently taking .125 synthroid. Was hyper 11 years ago then had radio-active iodine back then and have not had problems keeping it under control. My periods are 3 days and very light.

These are some of my levels:

[B]Iron serum 26
unsaturated ibc 464
calculated total TIBC 490

Ferritin 4.7
Folic acid 19.54
B-12 1405

WBC 4.3
RBC 4.60
Hemoglobin 9.4
Hematocrit 36.2
MCV 78.5
MCH 21.0
MCHC 29.0
RDW 16.2
platelet count 271
neutrophils# 2.31
neutrophils% 53.7
lymphocytes# 1.50
lymphocytes% 34.9
Eosinophils# 0.05
eosinophils% 1.1
baso# 0.02
baso% 0.5
atypical lymphs# 0.11
atypical lymphs%2.4[/B]

I also have a metabolic panel which levels were all normal except creatinine 0.59

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