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[QUOTE=help wanted :(;4772383]Hi guys.

When my doc tests my iron levels she does a Full blood count and ferritin test.
My blood count is always normal, and my ferritin is always low normal. However i have seen others on the board referring to their serum iron level... i'm assuming this is different to ferritin? Why have i not had this checked? Could you have a normal blood count but low iron along with low ferritin.

The highest my ferritin has been is about 37. It is currently 19.. with the range starting at 16, my doc says this is 'satisfactory'.

I have been suffering from extreme fatigue, brain fog, coldness, sweating, breathlessness, anxiety, extreme hunger, digestive problems, chronic sinus problems and more. Im thinking ferritin could be the cause of some of it. I dont feel any different if it's 19 or 37 though, think it needs to be higher. Any opinions? Thanks![/QUOTE]

yes you could have low ferritin with normal serum iron and normal hemoglobin, called a latent iron deficiency. serum iron is the iron content of the blood at the time when the blood was being drawn. this can fluctuate.

ferritin is the level of ferritin in the blood, and ferritin itself is an iron storage protein in the body tissues.

ferritin can also fluctuate as it can be raised in inflammatory responses.

what doesn't fluctuate so much is soluble transferrin receptor levels - shows how much iron the tissues are actually in need of.

about half of that stuff doesn't sound ferritin my opinion. what could be related is fatigue, brain fog, breathlessness.

the hunger and digestive problems (and perhaps even the brain fog) could be related to your diet. perhaps absorption problems thus the lower ferritin? it is interesting that it went from 37 to 19...

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