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[QUOTE=help wanted :(;4772383]Hi guys.

When my doc tests my iron levels she does a Full blood count and ferritin test.
My blood count is always normal, and my ferritin is always low normal. However i have seen others on the board referring to their serum iron level... i'm assuming this is different to ferritin? Why have i not had this checked? Could you have a normal blood count but low iron along with low ferritin.

The highest my ferritin has been is about 37. It is currently 19.. with the range starting at 16, my doc says this is 'satisfactory'.

I have been suffering from extreme fatigue, brain fog, coldness, sweating, breathlessness, anxiety, extreme hunger, digestive problems, chronic sinus problems and more. Im thinking ferritin could be the cause of some of it. I dont feel any different if it's 19 or 37 though, think it needs to be higher. Any opinions? Thanks![/QUOTE]

I don't want to alarm you but have a look into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). My husband had all the same symptoms as you for over a year before finally being diagnosed with CFS. He has been off work for 6 months now but making a slow recovery. At one point he couldn't walk more than 200 metres without having to sit down - this is a guy who used to cycle 100-150 miles a week. He spent the whole of 2010 in and out of doctors and consultants, haematologists (endless blood tests and ended up having bone marrow biopsy, all negative, although always low rbc & hct), he saw two gastroenterologists as everything he ate made him feel sick (wheat, wine, coffee, tomatoes, apples all of which he's now given up). He had tests for coeliac and other things (all negative), and also an MRI scan on his sinuses (negative). He used to get delayed fatigue from riding. E.g. ride on a Monday, felt ok on Tuesday but incredible muscle pain on Wednesday. Extreme hunger was attributed to carbohydrate addiction. As well as the physical fatigue, he suffered from terrible brain fog and headaches, and really struggled to do his job. It all started with a bout of glandular fever about 18 months ago, from which he never seemed to recover. He carried on working for another 15 months but slowly gave up cycling before everything just finally "fell apart" 6 months ago. I hope it's not CFS but look it up,and also post-viral fatigue. Have you had an illness that preceeds all your fatigue?

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