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Hi, can someone help me understand my 5 year old daughter's blood results. I am concerned by the serum iron and saturation values as they seem so far outside of the reference range. Looking at her values as a whole, what does it all mean?

WBC - 5.0 (reference range 6.3-16.2)
Hb - 10.2 (reference range 10.0-14.8)
Platelet 250 (reference range 150-450)
RBC - 3.82 (reference range 4.0-5.0)
Hct - 0.30 (reference range 0.31-0.43)

Serum iron - 1 (reference range 8.0-26.0)
Serum transferrin -2.51 (reference range 1.82-3.32)
Serum TIBC - 53 (reference range 36.0-77.0)
Saturation or iron binding capacity - 2% (reference range 15-50)
Serum ferritin - 125.0 (reference range 19.9 - 322.0)

The text at the botom of the printout says "results suggest a combination of iron deficiency and acute/chronic disease".

The doctor has prescribed iron tablets but when I asked about the reference to chronic disease and why the iron was so very low she admitted that she hadn't "read those bits", and couldn't really give me any insight into what this means. She just said to get her re-tested in a month.

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