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[FONT="Arial"]I've been referred by our PCP to a Pediatric Hematologist, I've bascially been told they don't know what is going on cause this isn't their specialty. The Dr I work for, who also isn't a Hematologist said my son's labs were puzzling, but I should be careful as the Hematologist may try to blow it off as Iron Def.

He's 5, for the past 5 years I've been told he has Iron Def anemia, given iron supp and that's it.

At 1 his hgb was 9.6. That was all that was checked.

At 23 months (almost 2) his CBC looked like this:
RBC 3.8 L
HGB 9.6 L
HCT 29.1 L
RDW 22.5 H

Earlier that same month his hgb was checked and was 10.6.

At 3 his CBC looked like this:
RBC 3.56 L
HGB 9.8 L
HCT 28.5 L
RDW 20.3 H

He also had some morphology. Polychrom 1+, Hypochrom 1+, Poik 1+, Aniso 2+, Micro 1+ and Ovalocytes 1+.

At his 5 year check up his CBC looked like this:
RBC 3.47 L
HGB 9.7 L
HCT 28.2 L
RDW 23.9 H

He also had some morphology. Polychrom 3+, Acanthocytes 2+, Poik 2+, Aniso 2+, Spherocytes 3+.

I requested some additional testing. I was tired of being told Iron Def anemia over and over and over. Here's the results, after two full days of being on a large dose of iron, his blood work improved in some ways, but low haptoglobin, and normal iron???.

RBC 3.57 L
HGB 10.3 L
HCT 29.1 L
RDW 23.6 H

Iron, Total 59 (27-164)
Iron Binding Cap 309 (271-448)
& Sat 19 (8-48)

This is the first time his iron total has ever actually been checked.

Haptoglobin <6 L (43-212)

I requested his birth blood work. He was at a low HCT and high RDW a couple days after birth. He also had morphality then, aniso 1+, poly 2+, poik 1+, crenated rbcs 1+ with slight toxic gran.

So, anyone have any idea what might be going on with him? Can the hematologist blow this off as Iron Def since the Iron helps the HGB even when his Iron levels are normal and his haptoglobin is so low?[/FONT]

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