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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share my experiences. Was diagnosed with mild anemia last June with a ferritin at 4 and slightly low blood count and given Ferrous Fumerate x 3 to take daily. I was a vegetarian for over 20 years at this stage and had heavy periods. I thought I would help my weakened state by drinking Guinness which I was led to believe was full of the wanted iron. Also went back to eating meat to see if that would help.

A year on and I was called back to the doctors. My ferritin was low at 12. The highest it went up to (using the doctors chart which records every 6 months or so) was 25 in January.

OK, I had to admit to not religiously taking the iron tablets - maybe 2 a day for the first 3 months then dropping them. I just couldn't see any improvement in my symptoms. But I was too impatient, I have learned that it is going to take lots of time, especially as my periods (although a little shorter in duration since having the children) are very heavy. Before the recent blood test I was sure that my ferritin levels were normal as I had being drinking the magic Guinness! The doctor laughed when I said that I had been drinking the stuff to help my iron levels and he didn't approve of it for iron replacement treatment. Don't know if this information will help anyone (maybe people in Ireland/UK who drink it) but it didn't cure my ferritin anemia.


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