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Hi there,

I'm getting lots of info. from fellow posters here. I have been seeing my naturopath again and she did a little blood work. Testing vitamin d which is a little low, thyroid is okay/ ferritin levels and checked for anemia. Here's what the test showed:

Ferritin: 8 ng/mL
Hgb: 12.6
Hct: 37.3

Doc. said I had no anemias but low iron stores. So I just started a good iron supplement yesterday hoping I'll feel better. I'm super tired, irritable, have insomnia, lots more heart palpitations than normal and my hair and skin is terribly dry. From what I'm reading, there seems to be two views on low ferritin without anemia. It would make sense to me that I wouldn't show anemic signs until my Hgb & Hct were low since ferritin is storage. Others are saying that's not the case. My doc didn't explain any of this to me but it was a phone conversation and not face to face where we had more time. But then again, this was 2 weeks prior to menstruation so by now, I may be even worse off. Does it seem my my Hgb and Hct are on the low end? They fell within range but surely not in the middle range.

By the way, I have had anemia in the past and my mother has struggled with it too. I don't understand what the cause is since all other blood work is fine.

Thanks for reading and hopefully responding. ;)
35 years old and rarely sick....just exhausted!


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