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Hello Chris, and welcome to the healthboards. I hope we can help.

I have had to have infusions of iron myself in the past, I think that is what you are referring to. Are you expecting to need a few hours to do the procedure? My experience has been getting infusions of a product called venifer, which is an iron product. The infusion itself requires you to sit while the venifer is slowly dripped through an IV line into your bloodstream. Depending on the amount of the product, and the rate at which they can drip, depends on the time it will take to complete the procedure. It is completely painless, except for the tiny poke of the needle that goes in your arm. After that you can read a book, listen to music or chat with others at the center. Typically at my center, there will be patients receiving dialysis, or other like yourself there. They provide very comfy recliner chairs, and juice, water etc. You might want to bring a snack for yourself.

I found that I did feel better following the infusions, espeically after going through the entire series of infusions ordered by my doctor. If I remember correctly, I had a series of 3, each one 4 weeks apart. I felt better and better as I got through all of them.

I encourage you to just relax and keep a positive attitude. There is nothing to fear here, only good things should come out of your time tomorrow. Best of luck!

ps. the reason for my shortage of iron is end stage kidney failure.

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