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I read through your post and did a little research based upon your symptoms. I didn't find anything specific to "diagnose," considering I'm not a doctor. However, most of the conditions that possibly fit are extremely treatable. I wouldn't panic if I were you; indigestion and acid reflux are extremely common in women who have had children, and it's a good chance to linger even after pregnancy.
Take into account that it could POSSIBLY be linked to your birth control, and other factors involving any medications you're currently taking. Other than that, I'd switch doctors, if possible, if I were you. And push for answers. I don't know your doctor, or whether or not if he's a complete ass, but if he's not explaining these things to you, then you're not pushing hard enough. Just saying.
It's your body, and you have a right to know what's going on within it.
One more tip: I wouldn't rely on the internet if I were you. It's just going to make you even more anxious. As an example: I was doing research on anemia for myself, since I would get heart palpitations once in a while. I used to get them very often, but changed my diet and took vitamins. Before this, however, I was looking up symptoms and found possibly worse conditions, such as: "call your doctor immediately if your palpitation is over 100 beats per minute." I freaked, and went to the doctor. They said to take either an iron supplement or a vitamin and I would get better, but to come back if I didn't. And I felt better. They didn't even need to do bloodwork, but instead recommended the easy treatment because they knew that people have a tendency to jump the gun too easily when it comes to diagnosing oneself if one isn't a doctor.
Keep in mind that I'm not trying to criticise you, but instead trying to get you to see that you could be freaking out over nothing. But, I'm not trying to say that everything will be perfectly okay, because there IS that chance that it WON'T be okay. You know your body best and are aware of when things aren't right.
Also keep in mind that there is a very good chance that the occurences of the symptoms you're experiencing could be a complete coincidence. They probably don't have anything to do with each other. As for the acid reflux/indigestion, I recommend Prilosec OTC; I used to have crippling heartburn/stomach aches and Prilosec basically cured it.
Good luck, and I wish you the best! I'm sure you'll be okay. :)

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