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Unfortunately I cannot relate my numbers to your own, due to the fact that my doctor told me to start taking a vitamin everyday and to return if I didn't feel better, instead of actually doing bloodwork. So, I took a vitamin, and I felt better.
As for your own anemia: taking an iron supplement/vitamin will definitely make you feel better, considering you're replacing your lost iron. Also considering your periods were made heavier by the IUD, you would definitely get worse. I don't know the dosage of your iron supplement, but if you feel it isn't helping as it should I recommend to ask your doctor if they recommend to up the dosage.
As for being a vegetarian, you might actually have to drop that habit. Meat is necessary for health. I'm not one of those "meat enthusiasts," as I don't eat meat every single day or as adamantly, but I would never consider chopping it out of my diet. I warn you only because my best friend ended up losing her colon to colonitis, as her vegetarian body couldn't fight off the infection fast enough. She experienced swelling and extreme heart palpitations. She was 18 when this happened.
As you're still young (I'm only 19, so don't think I'm condescending upon you, as I'm still developing as well), I definitely recommend to start eating meat. It's easier than having to buy vitamin regiments and go through bloodwork for something that can be avoided.
Good luck!

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