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your anemia is mild-ish but your iron depletion is full.

with a hemoglobin of 12.1 and ferritin of 6 I felt crap. maybe not as crap as you but bad enough. and yes periods did make it even worse.

I started feeling much better and nearly normal within 3 weeks of taking iron. I did feel a bit better even in the first week though that was not a lot of improvement, easy to call it mental, though it may have been physical too.
and the first period (about a week after starting on iron) still got me a little setback but I did not feel anything in the next one.

ferritin got past 100 in less than 3 months of aggressive supplementing. (hemoglobin also normal now.)

you've been taking it for a month now so you might want to up the 2x65mg (I assume this is elemental iron content in ferrous sulfate tablets?) to 3x65.

EDIT: sorry, I see you've been only taking it for a week. ok, so stay with 2x65 for a couple more weeks then up it to 3x65.

take your iron with a lot of vitamin C. also, 2 hours before and 1 hour after taking iron, do not drink coffee or tea and do not eat foods containing calcium, preferably no food at all.

one note, yes your symptoms could all be from iron deficiency and anemia, but it could be some other nutritional deficiency adding to it, such as B12 deficiency. e.g. I'm surprised your RBC is only 3.77 really. do you eat any animal products at all?

ps: I myself don't like meat and don't eat it. I don't think you must eat meat to be okay but you would either want to eat dairy or eggs or even fish - OR take B12 supplements.

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