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[QUOTE=mjinteriors;4808566]I don't know specifically about the vitamin B12 deficiency but I know by reading lots of posts about other deficiencies and since I had a few of my own recently that everybody is different. Our chemistry is so different that no two are alike. I was convinced that my hemoglobin and ferritin levels would take months to rise based on what I read and it simply was not true for me. My dangerously low levels rose pretty dramatically after only 10 days on Farrous Sulfate. But there are others on this forum that took a year to make the progress that I made in that 10 day period.

Drink lots of water too, I know that years back I was on a diet and doing well on it but was getting tired and somebody told me to make sure I was drinking lots of water, it can make you cranky and fatigued if you are dehydrated. To this day, I need to remember to force myself to drink water - it's like keeping a machine (our bodies) well oiled:wave:[/QUOTE]

well haha after reading stuff here I myself thought I would be like at 20 (for ferritin) when I went for follow up blood test after 2.5months of iron supplementing. nope, it was about 100! just fine, no longer need to take the load of iron.

I think that should be the normal response, if someone doesn't respond to the treatment fast, then they have either 1) absorption issues or 2) still losing iron in an undiscovered way or 3) bad at taking their supplements. or +1 maybe thyroid issues mess with iron metabolism too? not sure but I seem to recall someone here said that

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