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[QUOTE=kayla514;4807739]Hey everyone.
I'm 17, generally pretty healthy but I always feel drained of energy, quite pale, dark circles, I just look and feel very tired all the time (and I've fainted several times in my life).
I decided to go and do blood work and apparently my iron level is "15"...I know there are different kids (ferretin/something else? I really don't know) all I know is that she told me "your iron levels are 15, and they should be around 60"
what is the actual average? am I way below?
She says my diet (tons of leafy greens, lentils, meat, iron-rich foods every day) is what's keeping me from becoming severely anemic. Should I take an iron supplement? I'm worried about digestive problems...


so you're not severely anemic. did she mean you're mildly anemic? sounds like she does not care much if your levels are not in optimal ranges?

do you know your hemoglobin/hematocrit values? how about MCV? if these are not in optimal range then ferritin is probably low too but it's best to test it.

how about the cause? I suppose heavy menstruation?

did she not say anything about taking supplements? if you do start on iron supplementing, don't worry about digestive problems, try and see how it works out. you might get constipation but that will go away if your body adapts or if you eat fiber rich foods (don't eat it with the iron or it can affect absorption).

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