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First off, for the past three weeks I've noticed that I am bruising way more than usual. I don't even do anything and I find another bruise.

Anyway, I won't post the results that state I do NOT have a coagulation disorder since the two tests done were perfectly normal.

However, here is what else was done:

WBC [B]6.8[/B] 4.0 - 11.0 10e9/L
RBC [B]3.81[/B] 3.8 - 5.2 10e12/L
Hemoglobin [B]11.0[/B] 11.7 - 15.7 g/dL
Hematocrit [B]32.5[/B] 35.0 - 47.0 %
MCV [B]85[/B] 78 - 100 fl
MCH [B]28.9 [/B]26.5 - 33.0 pg
MCHC [B]33.8[/B] 31.5 - 36.5 g/dL
RDW [B]13.0[/B] 10.0 - 15.0 %
Platelet Count [B]292[/B] 150 - 450 10e9/L


Ferritin [B]18[/B] 10 - 120 ng/mL

Vitamin B12 [B]706[/B] >210 - pg/mL


My doctor told me I am mildly anemic and suggested iron pills.

However, I have been anemic in the past and never had bruising!


1. When you look at my lab results, what do you see? Does it show I am iron deficient?

2. Could I have like a cancer causing these numbers? I am concerned that my RBC was just on the end of normal.

3. Is this the cause of my bruising? I have never had bruising like this before. I have had really painful periods the past 4/5 times, though.


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