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I had a lower hemoglobin, hematocrit, and red blood cell count about a few weeks ago.

Now that has corrected itself it seems based on these labs today a hematologist ran. He was saying based on my previous labs it looked like I could have had an anemia of chronic disease since my MCV was normal as were my iron tests, although my iron saturation was low normal.

Anyway, he ran these tests today and it appears I do not have anemia but the reticulocytes were off? Well, the absolute count wasn't which is why I'm confused:

HGB 12
PLT 326
RBC 4.09
HCT 35.2
MCV 86.1
MCH 29.3
MCHC 34.1
MPV 9.6
RDW 13.40

Reticulocyte, absolute
0.08 normal (0.02 - 0.08)

Reticulocyte count, % 1.84 high (0.4 - 1.6)

Immature reticulocyte fraction, % 17.00 high (0.0 - 16.5)

What is the difference between the three reticulocyte tests? It appears my absolute is normal though so do I have a "high" reticulocyte issue or not and if so, what can cause this? Especially with my above bloodwork being essentially normal again?


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