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I am sceduled for an IV iron infusion in 4 days. I've read the side effects of this and am truly terrified now. I already have anxiety problems,panic attacks,muscle aches,headaches,chest pain(heartburn),extreme fatigue and other problems. I'm scared to go through with it or not at all.(Tired of feeling this way). Is it safe? I don't want to be in worse shape thanm before.
You will be fine, just have them give you some benezril incase you have any allergy. I recently had a infusion I was worried for nothing, they first gave me a small bag invein of benezril then the infusion for about 6 hrs slowly. No pain at all not even when they put the needle in vein. I was sleepy due to benezril for the first hr or so, I took my laptop and surfed the internet while it going on. Believe me you will be glad you did it. After few days the iron starting working and doing its job. I felt so much better.
Thanks for you response.I think I needed to hear that someone else got through it ok. I'm sure I'll still be nervous and worry alot but I know it's got to make me feel better than I do now. I've never taken benadryl,but I know it's for allergic reaction and will be asking for it ahead of time.I hope it helps with the anxiety too.

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