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Hi, I can't believe how similar we are. I was diagnosed with iron deficiency anaemia on 26 Jan and started taking 322mg ferrous fumerate twice a day since. Am on a three month stint to see how it goes. I also have an underactive thyroid. I too am tired, anxious, irritable all the time and snap for no reason at things which are soo trivial. I am eating a diet rich in iron now, lots of liver, red meat, leafy veg and vitamin c for absorption. I am also taking 2 teaspoons of organic blackstrap molasses which has a very high iron content. I have asked my doctor about various supplements and have got a big fat "O" back. They cannot recommend any type of vitamins as trials have not been carried out!, and we go to these people for help. I am taking a multivitamin as well and various other vitamins to hopefully make me feel bitter, its all a bit trial and error. My hair feels like its thinning although I would say over the last week or so this has slowed down. I am due to have my next blood test mid April and am looking forward to seeing how I've got on otherwise its iron IV's I think. My ferritin is 4, serum iron, 6 and hemoglobin 113, so really quite low. Good luck and I hope the above helps :dizzy:
Hi niknak- I feel the same way. What worries me the most is losing my hair. In Novemer 2009, I saw my doctor because I had noticed a lot of shedding. After some blood tests my ferritin level came back <5! The doctor said that I basically had no iron stored in my body. My hemoglobin was an 8, thyroid and hormones were good. I get so angry with myself because back in 2004 and 2006 I was diagnosed with anemia and I never bothered to take the iron supplements that were prescribed. I was in my 20's and didn't think it was a "big deal"....stupid, I know. So here I am, 31 and my hair has been shedding since November of last year. I've been taking Ferrex 28 (150 mg elemental iron with B12, Folic Acid and Vit C) for about 3 months and my last blood test (Feb.25) my ferritin is up to 35. I have more energy and don't feel so tired and cold as I used to, but the hair shedding hasn't slowed one bit. But I do have a lot of little hairs growing all over my head. Some little hairs are still falling, but some are almost 2 inches long :) I'm really hoping the shedding stops soon, but I've read that it needs to be at 40 for the shedding to slow or stop and at 70-90 for re-growth. I'm hoping once my levels gets a little higher, the shedding of some of those smaller hairs will stop. Fingers crossed!

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