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I have been through hell for the past year, losing my job, my apartment, and my quality of life because of all my symptoms that no dr can figure out what is causing them.

I started feeling sick gradually, then it became constant. These are the symptoms that plague me, in order of worst to less concerning

1. SHORTNESS OF BREATH (have had full pulm workup multiple times, nothing found)
2. Rapid Heartrate (resting in the 120s - am now taking a beta blocker to help keep it at a lower, and tolerable rate in the 70s )
3. Low Blood Pressure (which makes me very dizzy when i stand up)
4. ICE COLD hands and feet, all the time, no matter how many pairs of socks i wear.
5. Dizziness from time to time
6. Dull headaches that last for days at a time.

I have taken all of these symptoms to many different doctors and have had full workup on my heart, lungs, brain and thyroid. Nothing was found. The only thing they found was:

1. low ferritin levels
2. slightly low iron levels (not low enough to supplement)
3. low Vit D
4. slightly low hemoglobin (not consistently)

What do you guys think? I have heard the doctors tell me these findings but then dismiss anemia with a wave of their hand, yet nothing else would explain my year long stubborn shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, and fatigue. What do I need to do to get this to show up on a blood test? HELP.

Thanks everyone!

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