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I'm a college freshman in my second semester and I'm really concerned about everything. Sure, it's new and stressful for everyone, but I'm having an awful time with issues that seem to have tagged along from my high school years, and I feel like they're getting worse. I'm a little burnt out as I went from a busy senior year of high school, to a full summer semester course load, and now I'm at a full fall semester course load and have a lot of high expectations and required grades in order to get into my program. I got a B- in one my summer public speaking class (and am bummed) purely due to the fact that why I was cut short was because of these issues that I should probably get to instead of yammering about school. LOL

I've been sooo tired I am gasping for air and ready for a nap after climbing 2 flights of stairs, even when I get enough sleep I am ready for nap and have a difficult time staying awake and alert. Even things I love (my studies, spending time with friends, hobbies, etc.) I have absolutely no desire for because I am soooo exhausted. I'll have these restless moments were I don't feel like doing anything and just feel really depressed and alone (hence joining this message board). One day my friends invited me to lunch, and while I wanted to go, I had to turn the offer down because just the thought of walking there had me cringing (I ended up sleeping the afternoon away).

Anyways, I have always been a really dedicated student, but my performance has basically been destroyed because of this -- the cognitive decline has really shattered my math grade (I'll even make mistakes like writing the answer by the wrong question, adding/forgetting numbers and symbols not included in the equation, etc.) and my parents are really disappointed with me about my math performance (so am I). I try, and have a hard enough time remembering what I just read or saw in my textbook, or what my professor just said. I feel like I'm missing out on so much and am being physically restrained from doing what I love. As I said about my B- in Public Speaking (something I've done and am very good with) I would be so out of it and dizzy for speeches I'd barely make it (even had to reschedule one day because I felt so bad). I couldn't focus on my assignments (even when they interested me).

Not only am I tired, I bruise so easily, am sooo pale (I've always been pale, but now my typical makeup shade makes me look like I got a tan), and I'm really dizzy, yet at the same time numb and tingly in the limbs. I get this sudden sharp prickle in my toes and fingers that feels like itty bitty pins are poking me, and the very tips of my fingers and toes are purple-white colored. Also, just recently (yesterday) I found 3 sores in my mouth and my throat and tongue are so sore it hurts to eat. I've had anemic blood tests results before (all throughout middle and high school, and even in elementary school) but it's gotten a lot worse and I'm obviously concerned and not sure what to do about it. I feel really uncomfortable just taking iron supplements without conforming that it is anemia, and even if it is -- I'm wondering if it's not iron-loss related.

The continuation of anemic test results even after taking iron, changing my diet, etc. makes me wonder if it's not aplastic anemia or something of one of those sorts. The hard part is, I'm under my parent's health insurance (and living with them), but I feel so weird and unsure about mentioning this? I feel like they'd think I'm making excuses, when in reality I am (and have been) facing this and just coincidentally am a life science major with the knowledge to put a name to what I've been experiencing... or at least my prediction of what it could be.

Wow that was long... :eek: thanks for reading my post, I didn't expect to write that much. :D

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