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[quote=joe86;4848044]has anyone experienced pulmonary edema (water in lungs) along with b12 and/or folic acid deficiency?

I'll try to keep this brief. I've always been fit and healthy up until recently and my age now is 57.

About 3 years ago i noticed feeling heavy and more tired than usual when exercising. At the time i was doing a lot of sedentary work so i just thought i was out of shape.

About a year ago it started getting worse. I was also sweating heavily after just a little effort. I looked bloated and put on a lot of weight. But, again, i thought i just needed more regular exercise.

Then three months ago i went downhill fast. I couldn't walk 100 feet without stopping and uphill was especially bad. My legs feel like lead. Even my arms are tired just hanging there! I was also pale at times. Strangely, enough though, most of my sweating went away.

But probably the scariest symptom is water in the lungs which accumulates at night and makes me wheeze. It's been hell sleeping with this. My ankles also swell up (with pitting).

Of course i got medical attention at this point. The first suspicion was typical aneamia but my iron levels are fine. However, they noted b12 and folic acid deficiency. Just today i had my second blood test for these (after waiting a 2 month interval). I'm eager for the results.

In the meantime, i've had numerous other tests. Liver, kidneys and lungs look fine.

About 6 weeks ago i was prescribed a strong diuretic for the edema that immediately took away my wheezing at night. But just a couple weeks later it started again. So i was able to double the dose and went through the same thing again. Now i'm at maximum dose with lots of side effects but it's failing to control the edema.

Of course, my big concern, especially with pulmonary edema, is my heart, as heart problems are usually the cause of the edema. I've just had an echocardiogram (ultrasound) but i don't know the results yet.

I'm having an angiogram in a month but i hope i can get through that long without being hospitalized.

So my question is, could all this be the result of pernicious anaemia? I can't find any link between anaemia and pulmonary edema. Could the strain from the condition affect my heart in such a way to cause the edema?

I'll be very grateful for any tips or suggestions![/quote]
i have had this for years and finally realized that when you are low in stomach acid you can not digest or absorb b12 and iron.since taking hcl i think i have addressed the problem but time will tell. How are your fingernails, any ridges or roughness?any stomach mucous? No moons on the fingernails?

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