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Maybe my original post was too long. Here are the main details of the situation. Can anyone lend some helpful information?
Here are some of the things I've been told:
-iron deficiency anemia (since age 12 currently 33)
-began period at 12 (very irregular)
-every 2weeks about 6 days, very heavy
-Put on BC at 17
-Stopped BC at 22
-Body would not produce period on its own
-At 22 told my FSH was 122
-Put back on BC
-Husband and I want children- Stopped BC at 27
-Body again would not produce period on its own
-Told it may be PCOS but only symptom was no period :(
-Put on Metphormine and Estrodiol
-Stopped taking it at age 31
-No Period for almost 2 yrs now
-Weight at 22 (140lbs), 25 (170lbs), 30 (222lbs), 33 (206lbs)
-But I am a pretty healthy eater
Last Blood Test showed
-FSH 106 (H)
-TSH .5 (Normal)
-OSMO 274 (L)
-Triiodothyronine T3 192.2 (H)
-Hemoglobin-blood 11.1(L)
-Hematocrait-blood 35 (Normal)
-RBC MCV 69(L)
-RBC MCHC 31.9 (L)
-RBC RDW 16.5 (H)

I am really looking for answers as to what any or all of this may mean. I have no problem with researching any leads. Can the combination of all of these things mean something? Has anyone ever dealt with this and still had their own children? :confused:
I am still Encouraged!!!:angel:
I haven't but I took a moment and looked around I really think you should repost down at the Hormone Threads. Seems there are some similarities in there. Good Luck

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