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I have been getting iron infusions for a while. While I was being tested for multiple myleoma, a different doctor treated me and gave me larger dosages or iron infusion than I was getting. After the second infusion, I developed a flushed feeling and still have it fifteen hours after the fact.

I did some reading say it was a serious side effect so I called the on-call doctor. She said take a benadryl and it should pass by mid day today and if not, call the regular doctor back. She did indicate I should let the doctor know next time of the side effect as a change may be needed.

My questions are:

How serious a side effect is this really? It seems to be the only side effect right now.

Anyone know typically how long the flush feeling lasts?

I am taking enough medication that binds me up like concrete; hence the decision to go with infusions. Iron tablets would be like putting more concrete in the system. Is there another IV format of Iron for next time or do I just need a smaller dosage or a slower rate of infusion?

Any assistance is appreciated as this is the first itme I posted here.

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