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[QUOTE=blondeandblue;4861782]Hi everyone,

I am new here and there seems to be alot of confusion over IV iron infusion vs. iron shots. I have chronic Iron Deficiency Anemia, and have been this way for a couple of years. My Hemoglobin is currently in the high 70's, but it has sometimes reached the 100 mark (normal range is 120-150) so after discussions with my Hematologist, I will start IV iron infusion at the hospital (they do this closely monitored at the cancer centre where I live) next week. If I tolerate the first 2 infusions, then I have the option of seeing my family doc for shots or going to a private clinic for future infusions. I was assured that there is no difference between the shots and the IV (the IV simply requires an hour more of your and the side effects are rare. I will let you know how I make out, but for those of you who are anxious, dont worry!!


I have been on Venofer 100 mg. IV infusions for 4 years now. No side effects. I have to go every 8 weeks to a hematologists office in my area for the infusion. It takes about an hour or so, and is more annoying than anything else. I am also iron deficient aenemic, my ferratin is always very low.. the lowest being 2 back when I started. I first tried the iron shot (IM) intra-muscle (buttocks) and that did nothing to move my stores after 8 weekly injections! The only thing it did was leave dark spots at the injection site! Nice! I was always slightly aenemic, but having gastric bypass surgery in 11 years ago made it much worse due to malabsorption issues. Good luck!

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