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Hi all, im wondering if anyone here could help me...

A couple of years ago I went to the doctors as I was tired and had no energy, I would fall a sleep at the dining table and everyday chores were so hard. I had a blood test and found out my Ferritin was 2.5. I was told this was very low and was put on iron...

I suffer with Endometriosis so I loose a very lot of blood with my periods, the GP says this is the reason for my low feritin..
When I have a period I take mefenamic acid & transamic acid this basicly reduces the blood flow.

I then go for a blood test as I feel tired and just know when it drops and suprise suprise the GP calls me up becasue my ferritin is low again...

Im not sure if my periods are to blame as why has this only been happening 2/3 years and iv had heavy periods for 20 years & I now take medication to reduce the blood flow and my iron tables..

The past 2 years my ferritin levels go from 2.5 to 10.9, my hb levels are ok slightly low but with the normal range..

Would really appreciate if anyone can help..


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