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I am a 16 year old female, and for a good couple years now, I have consistently had problems with feeling dizzy and tired, now matter how much I slept or ate. I don't eat much meat and have heavy periods, and my mother went online and said I was probably anemic. Her solution? "Take your vitamins." I did, (18mg Iron in them) and felt a little bit better, but not much.

About in July, my hair started falling out. It's gotten worse and worse, to the point where I can run my hand over it and, all at once, pull out about 10 strands or more multiple times a day. Showering leaves me with handfuls, and I've stopped brushing my hair because of it.

A month ago I was started on ADHD pills, Strattera, which made me lose my appetite, so I haven't been eating much at all. Since then, the hair loss and dizziness have gotten way worse.

In addition I get really out of breath from small amounts of exercise, just walking up a hill, even though I'm in shape and a normal weight. I went and bought some Iron pills today (27mg) and took two as soon as I got home.

Is this anemia? What do I do???

Thank you!

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