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Hi Everyone,

I feel so defeated right now. I have been feeling breathless, extremely fatigued, weak, foggy thinking and having a non-stop headache for about 3 months now. There is a family history of low ferritin so I asked my doc to test.

[U]7 weeks ago my results were[/U]:
Ferritin 16.1
Iron 53
Total iron Binding Cap 350
Iron Sat 15

I was told to take 1 over the counter iron pill (Ferosequels 50 mg elemental) daily. I felt so horrible I started taking 2. I noticed after my period that I felt even worse - couldn't even get out of bed so I started taking 3 a day.

I made some improvement only to have my period seemingly un-do whatever improvements I made. I had more bloodwork this past Mon and I have come to find out that my doc didn't even bother to order another ferritin test. She said that my results were normal, just low, and it wasn't necessary. And she told me not to take so much iron. I am so frustrated! My arm was tired and cramping just from coloring with my little boy yesterday and I don't feel my doc is taking this seriously.

She has put me on the pill to lessen my bleeding though. Could you guys tell it common to have these symptoms with ferritin at 16? Is it OK to take 3 iron pills daily for now? Do you think that birth control pills will help? I feel so depressed and defeated, esp when my own doc doesn't take me seriously.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Jessica (38 yrs old)

PS- This happened to me 2 years ago when ferritin was at 13 too.

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