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SG, please do not listen to Jonnstar, or to anyone on this board, and go ask your Doctor.
There is a clear difference between Ferrous Sulfate, Ferrous Gluconate, Ferrous Fumarate, and Polysaccharide Iron Complex. Jonnstar's statement is partly true, but not hardly. Iron salts are an ionized form of iron and are extremly currosive to the mucosal lining where as other available irons that do not ionize and can be taken with a PPI. Iron salts are contraindicated with PPI's - this is a medical fact. Just go to a Nexium and/or Prilosic PI and it will tell you this. Jonnstarr is making recommendations to patients with IDA (Iron Deficient Anemia) that if they choose to listen they can place themselves at a much higher risk of getting worse.
SG, please ask your doctor about taking iron salts and PPI's. An MD will read the PI and see that it is contraindicated and recommend an alternative iron, much like a Polysaccharide Iron Complex that does not ionize and is much less stressful to the GI tract. And it is well tolerated with a PPI.
Ultimatly don't take any heed to what anyone tells you on this board, but let a licensed professional inform you what you should do. Anemia is a serious condition, and if not properly treated could lead to serious consequences. Best to you -

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