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Hello, For several years my arm colour and face has been pale and slightly yellow, but my hair thinning considerably the last 2 years has finally made me take a blood test. I am 18 years old male and I eat well but I think my problem is I eat chicken most of the time and don't eat enough red meat or food rich in iron. So with my hair thinning, dark circles under my eye, pale face and arm colour I decided to have a complete blood picture. I still haven't visited a doctor but I was wondering if you can tell me if its ok to take iron supplements based on the results below

Name Result Normal Range

Haemoglobin 14.1 (13-18)

Red blood cells 4,800,000 /cmm (4.6-6.2)

Haematocrit 39.8 (40-56)

M.C.V 82.9 fl (78-94)

M.C.H 29.4 pg (26-32)

M.C.H.C 35.4 g/dl (32-36)

Platelets 237,000 cmm (150,000-400,000)

Total Leucocytic count 8000 cmm (4800-10800)
I see my haemoglobin ,RBC, and Haematocrit are on the low end of the normal values, I don't think I can change my diet much, so what is your opinion?

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